What Does Tantric Involve ?

+ What does Tantric Massage involve?


We begin the session by setting an intention. I will show how to breathe through this massageand I will introduce you to Taoist practices which are relevant to this massage. (This massage is especially powerful if have experience with Taoistpractices. And if you are new to the Tao, this experience will surely inspire you to learn more about the Taoist sexual practices).


I massage your whole body and work with your energy channels and pleasure points to raise your sexual energy. Through the breathing technique, the massaging of your body andlingam massage, working with meridians and pleasure points, higher and expanded states of consciousness are being accessed.


The Taoist/ Lingam Massage for Men


The male genitals, including the scrotum are massaged using a large variety of strokes and grips. The usual practice of stimulation is avoided in order to sensitize the lingam. A relaxing of the buttocks is taught and together with the tantric breathing technique, it is possible to experience a different and expanded orgasm. This healing massage for the male is not compatible to normal masturbation practices or an erotic massage where some practices are quite rough, with fast up and down movements. Here, the lingam is approached with great gentleness and soft touching and this, coupled with the tantric breathing technique, enables the receiver to relax more and throughout the period of orgasm.


Prostate Healing anal Massage for Men


The anus is an area of the body that is often totally avoided, while for some people, it an area of intense erotic pleasure. The memories held here often go back to the early childhood period of potty training. It is therefore an area of control and “holding on”, the extent of which this negatively affects the individual can be felt in the anal muscles during the massage. This much specialised massage can therefore help to relax the anal muscles and assist in releasing hidden issues of control and fear.


The healing anal massage is not comparable to a medical examination. It is given gently and slowly with lubricant, and given only as far as the body will naturally allow. The lingam or yoni is usually stimulated somewhat during thismassage, as this supports a pleasant experiencing of the massage and assists in relaxing the anal walls. For the male, the massage includes a massage of the prostate gland, which in itself is beneficial to prostratehealth. The anus is said to hold the memories of the male (the anus being the actual sexual organ of the male due to the position of the prostate gland). This massage can therefore assist in releasing these memories. Sexual hurt in themale can also addressed and transformed here.


The massage finishes with the Big Draw. You draw up the sexual energy and circulate it throughout your whole body. Please note that it often takes some time to learn the Big Draw. After the Big Draw you will lay still for some time so that you can rest in your experience.


I am the giver of the massage. You are the receiver of the massage. This massage in particular invites you to focus on yourself, your experience and to savour the pleasure which sexual energy has to offer.