London True Tantric Masseur

Robert 35 yo Mexican/Spanish a Holistic qualified Massage Therapist, Yoga –Meditation Practitioner and Healer, He has been studying Tantric Massage with leading teachers for over 10 years He introduces in a Session: True Tantra, BodyElectric Experience, Healing Reiki with the best therapeutic massage modalities – including Thai MassageSwedish massagedeep tissue massage and Sacred Hawaian Lomi Lomi massage, Bringing his talent around Mexico, United States and Europe.

He is passionate about Tantric practice as a path for healing and realizing our fullest potential. Rob is known for his ability to create safe spaces for authentic healing and exploring the edges of consciousness in a fun and dynamic learning environment

My Mission

to physically Touch men as a spiritual practice of compassion

to support and nurture physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, safety, and happiness

to be a conduit for empowerment, healing, self-acceptance, creativity, courage, joy, grieving, celebration, playfulness, and blessing

to facilitate deep, intimate, meaningful non-sexual connection with individual men, and within and between communities of men

My Vision

I envision a world where:

men touch and hold each other tenderly and instinctively, without reflexively sexualizing all touch

men are skilful and graceful in defining and protecting their own touch boundaries, and recognize and respect the touch boundaries of others

men offer each other mentorship, brotherhood, care, empowerment, inspiration, courage, compassion, and comfort using physical touch

men acknowledge that sexual desire and expression exists along a continuous and fluctuating spectrum, and no longer feel required to categorize each other as ‘gay’ or ‘straight’